Sustainable Growth for All

Promotion of Network for Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Growth for All

Promotion of Network for Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation

PTT's milestone mission involving the environment was conceived in 1994 when the company volunteered to run a reforestation project on 1 million rai of land in honor of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great on the 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne. The project aimed to restore forest areas earlier encroached and destroyed. Target reforestation plots were scattered across the country covering evergreen forests on mountains in the North, deciduous forests on the plateaus of the Northeast, evergreen forests on the lower plains in the Central and Eastern Regions, and swamps and mangrove forests along both sides of the southern peninsula.

The project lasted from 1994 to 2002, covering altogether 1,043,230 rai. Its completion could not have been realized without the support and continuous participation of government agencies and villagers around reforested areas, who helped guaranteed the survival of the forests. Long-term forest conservation which relies on community engagement is thus the key to project sustenance.

Not only did this reforestation project on 1 million rai of land restore degraded forests and return green areas to the country, but it also created awareness of the significance of natural resources while carrying on the goodwill to conserve forests and natural resources. As a consequence, a network of sustainable forest conservation was established by volunteer villagers around reforestation plots. The impact of the project has expanded, resulting in establishment of networks engaging in soil, water, and forest conservation, namely the Green Globe Project, conceived in 1999 to honor people, communities, and the youth who have outstanding performance in forest conservation, and Vetiver Development Project under His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great's initiative. These networks have sunk deeper roots in communities and the public at large, allowing the networks to interconnect and enabling wider knowledge dissemination and exchange.

Today the replanted trees have grown and yielded benefit for the country. The Forestry Research Center, Kasetsart University, found that PTT-managed reforested areas during 1994 - 2016 are capable of absorbing as much as 2.18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, reflecting as high as 280 million baht per year of benefit reaped from the forests. The reforested areas were also found to have a fertility rate of over 82% thanks to the concerted efforts of all agencies concerned and forest conservation volunteers. Indeed, the reforested areas are part of the support for self-reliance of villagers around the reforested plots while raising their quality of life and improving the local economy.

Green Globe Institute

The Green Globe Institute was established in 1999 following PTT's participation in the 1-million-rai reforestation project, which scattered across the country. PTT learned that to gain more than just newly grown forests, PTT has to plant trees in people's hearts. The institute represents the will to honor and encourage people in communities and the youth, who are determined to work for environmental conservation as well as those who serve as role models for society.

The institute works with the Green Globe Network and applies the network as a channel to exchange knowledge together with information and provide knowledge and research to interested parties to achieve sustainable natural resource and environmental conservation.

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Collaborative Conservation and Community Development at Khung Bang Kachao

Khung Bang Kachao (Bang Kachao River Bend) is a large green plot of land covering 12,000 rai, serving as a lung for Bangkok and periphery, where drastic changes evolved as a result of urbanization.

PTT Group started its social work in the Bang Kachao area in 2007 by initiating the Water and Forest Conservation at Khung Bang Kachao Project to raise the quality of life and improve the quality of the environment. In parallel, PTT acts as the core agency to drive social collaboration to seek support from the public, private, educational, and civil sectors as well as communities—34 organizations in total—under the name 'OUR Khung Bang Kachao'. An agreed objective was set and tasks were assigned to various parties with respective knowledge and expertise, aiming for integration. Through such approach, maximum efficiency could be achieved in the work to develop Khung Bang Kachao in good balance, making it a fertile green area with dwellers enjoying a good life and sustainable economic growth.

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