About PTT

Our Vision, Missions and Values

About PTT

Our Vision, Missions and Values


Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond


To conduct integrated energy and petrochemical business as the nation's energy company whose mission is to equally respond to all stakeholders through the following aspects:

To Public Sector

Ensuring long-term energy security by providing sufficient high-quality energy supply at fair prices to support economic growth.

To Employees

Promoting capability building professionally and ensuring employees' well-being is level with other leading companies.

To Suppliers and Partners

Conducting fair business practice with all partners while promoting trust, good relationship and cooperation to expand business capability and increase efficiency in long-term business partnership.

To Society and Communities

Maintaining an excellent corporate standing in Thai society by exercising environmental stewardship of internationally accepted standards, and helping to improve the quality of life for community and the wider society.

To Investors

Operating profitable business that leads to sustainable growth, while generating optimum returns.

To customers

Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering world-class quality products and services at fair prices.