Mr. Don Wasantapruek
Chairman of the Nomination Committee​
Independent Director​
Professor Dr. Surapon Nitikraipot
Member of the Nomination Committee
Independent Director​
Member of the Corporate Governance Committee​
Professor Dr.Supot Teachavorasinskun
Member of the Nomination Committee
Independent Director​

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. To determine procedures and criteria for nomination of PTTs directors so as to ensure transparency.
  2. To select director nominees to fill vacancies (due to resignation or term completion) for the Boards or the shareholdersmeetings consideration and appointment with due regard for the composition of the Board, expertise, competencies, and experience that would be useful to PTT in compliance with PTTs Board Skill Matrix and the Directors Pool of Ministry of Finance and IODEqually important, nominees must have no conflicts of interest with PTTThe qualifications of desirable directors must prove compatible with PTTs business strategies.
  3. To appoint the suitably qualified directors to perform duty as Specific Committee, taking into account the compositions of committees in question, suitability, qualifications, knowledge, and competencies.Then, purpose the list to the Board for approval, except for the Nominating Committee which is being appointed directly by the Board. 
  4. To possess direct responsibility to the Board through their specific areas. The Board is ultimately responsible for PTTs business matters to all its stakeholders.
  5. Appraisal performance of the Nominating Committee and report to the Board of Directors in order to disclose in the Annual Report.
  6. To report the outcome of the performance of the Nominating Committee in the Annual Report.
  7. Hold at least two meetings a year.
  8. To perform other Board-assigned tasks.

The procedures and criteria for nomination of directors are as follow:

  1. The Committee determines the qualifications of the new directors to ensure that they meet the criteria and qualifications as stipulated in the related laws/regulations. The Committee also establishes the procedures for nominating qualified candidates.
  2. The Committee summarizes the results of the nomination process and presents a shortlist of
    qualified candidates for directorship along with supporting reasons to the board.
  3. The Board selects the candidates with appropriate qualifications from the list prepared by the Committee and submits the names of the selected candidate(s) to the shareholdersmeeting for approval. The list of candidate (s) shall be endorsed by The State Enterprise Policy Committee.