GEN Teerawat Boonyawat
Chairman of the Remuneration Committee
Independent Director​
Mr. Chumpol Rimsakorn
Member of the Remuneration Committee
Member of the Enterprise Risk Management​
POL.GEN. Rungroj Sangkram
Member of the Remuneration Committee
Independent Director​

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To determine guidelines and methods for paying remuneration and propose fair and reasonable remuneration of Directors and Specific Committees to the Board and Shareholder Meeting for approval.
  2. To propose the approach for evaluation and remuneration of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to PTT Board for approval.
  3. To acknowledge and recommend the re-structuring of the Company and its departments, including appraisement and remuneration of Chief Operation Officers.
  4. To possess direct responsibility to the Board through their specific areas. The Board is ultimately responsible for PTTs business matters to all its stakeholders.
  5. To evaluate the performance of the Remuneration Committee and report to the Board of so as to be disclosed in the Annual Report.
  6. To report the outcome of the Remuneration Committee operation in the annual report.
  7. Hold at least two meetings a year (enforcement in 2017)
  8. To perform other Board-assigned tasks.