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Petrochemical and Refining Business

Business/ Products and Services

Petrochemical and Refining Business

PTT invests comprehensively in the petrochemical and refining business through four PTT Group companies operating advanced, high-efficiency oil refineries, which command a combined 770,000-barrel/day capacity. PTT plays its role in the supply of crude oil as well as the purchase of refined products from these refineries at equity volumes as a minimum for sale to its own customers.

As for petrochemical investment, PTT Group companies produce and sell upstream, midstream, and downstream petrochemicals of both olefins and aromatics lines. The focus is on adding value to the business through specialty product development, market back strategy, and the receiving, storing, and offloading of petroleum and petrochemical products. Today PTT is among Thailand's major petrochemical producers and a leading Asian and Southeast Asian producer.

In addition, PTT Group has grown its downstream business to enhance its competitiveness by way of investment in the lube base oil business, integrated logistical service business, related public utility service businesses (including production and distribution of power, water, and steam, marine terminals, tankfarms, maintenance and engineering) together with alternative-energy businesses (including ethanol and biodiesel production). Such investment fosters security and adds competitiveness, leading to robust growth.

Thai Oil Public Company Limited (TOP)

Thailand's No. 1 refiner and seller of petroleum products, TOP operates one of the most efficient refineries in Asia-Pacific. Its core business is oil refining with a capacity of 275,000 barrels/day. Below is its key products:

  • Light oil: LPG, gasoline, mixed xylenes, reformate, and isomerate
  • Medium oil: aviation fuel and diesel
  • Heavy oil: fuel oil, long residue, and asphalt.

TOP has completed its investment spanning the range of petrochemical and lube base oil processes along with investment in the power sector, solvent and chemical businesses, marine and pipeline transport services, alternative energy, reactant for cleaning agents, crude oil and petroleum & petrochemical product tankfarm, Thaioil Group personnel recruitment service, and a treasury center to enhance Thaioil Group's financial management caliber.

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC)

Thailand's largest integrated petrochemical and refining company, GC is also ASEAN's leading petrochemical and chemical company with a crude oil and condensate refining capacity of 280,000 barrels/day and a combined petrochemical and chemical processing capacity of 13.95 million tons/year. Below are its three business groups, including:

  • Base Chemical
  • Derivative & Bio Chemicals
  • Performance Chemicals

Also, GC has other businesses and services which GC invested for supporting 5 business groups, as follows:

  • Upstream
  • Intermediates
  • Polymers & Chemicals
  • Bio & Circularity
  • Performance Chemical

To further its business security and integration, GC Group companies operate other service businesses, including polymer product distribution and logistical services, production and distribution of public utilities, marine terminal and tankfarm, plant maintenance service and engineering design, land and asset management, and corporate venture capital businesses.

IRPC (Thailand) Public Company Limited (IRPC)

Southeast Asia's pioneering integrated petroleum and petrochemical producer, IRPC commands a refining capacity of 215,000 barrels/day, operating the following core businesses:

  • Petroleum: production and sale of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, lube base oil, asphalt, naphtha, and others
  • Petrochemical: production and distribution of
    • Olefins
    • Aromatics
    • Polymers
    • Specialty or innovative products, including Green ABS and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE).
  • Other supporting businesses, including power and public utility, marine terminal and product tankfarm, and asset management businesses.

PTT Tank Terminal Company Limited (PTT Tank)

A service provider of marine terminals and petroleum and petrochemical product receiving/storing/offtaking, PTT Tank today serves PTT Group in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate through two ports with a maximum cargo size of 60,000 DWT, accommodating up to 2 million tons/year, while its liquid tankfarm holds about 73,000 tons.