Environment Management


Environment Management

Management Approach

The PTT Group SSHE Strategic Objectives of 2020have been developed in alignment with corporate strategy. The environmental targets consist of 2 dimensions: Eco, which focuses on reducing PTT's ecological footprint throughout product life-cycles and within the production processes, and Operational Eco-Efficiency, which aims to elevate the company's environmental performance to meet with international standards and best practices of leading global companies.

IndicatorsStrategic Objectives 2020
  • Volume of emitted volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • oxides of nitrogen as nitrogen dioxide (NOx)
  • and Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
Zero increase of absolute emission growth rate by 2020
Amount of hazardous waste-to-landfill Zero hazardous waste-to-landfill
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions Reduce PTT Group GHG emission by 20% annually based on business as usual (BAU) until 2030
Water Consumption

Reduce water consumption in high risk areas and limit the increase of water consumption volume in high risk areas.

PTT Group set the target to increase water efficiency in operational and office areas as follows:

  • Increase water efficiency in the operating areas by 12 percentage by 2030 compared to 2013 (the volume limited at 0.344 million m3 per MMBOE)
  • o Increase water efficiency in the office areas by 10 percentage by 2030 compared to 2016 (the volume limited at 100 litreer per person per day)


*Excluding industrial waste from the following operations
1. In the event that the Department of Industrial Works or Government Agencies prohibits industrial waste to be disposed by other means.
2. In the event that the industrial waste cannot be reused due to a lack of available technology in the country to support the process.
This is in line with the Zero waste to Landfill Achievement Award by the Department of Industrial Works
**In 2018, PTT Group revised the PTT Group Greenhouse Gas & Climate Target, to align with the group's PTT Group Clean & Green Strategy.

Furthermore, PTT has developed a system to monitor and manage environmental, occupational, safety and quality laws. The system covering laws database and QSHE procedures can be accessed by all PTT relevant departments to acknowledge about relevant laws and regulations in their operations; thereby complying with local laws to minimize chances of violation. PTT manager and officer can immediately design the operational plans in accordance with existing and newly adopted

PTT Group SSHE Management Standards