SSHE Management System


SSHE Management System

Sustainable Development Goals

SSHE Management Approach

Quality, Security, Safety, Health, and Environment (QSHE) PolicyGRI 403-1

PTT established PTT Group’s QSHE policy signed by President & CEO, as a framework for QSHE management and to demonstrate the corporate commitment and to serve as a framework aligning management of PTT and the subsidiaries’ quality, security, safety, occupational health, and environment (QSHE) emphasized on the implementation as follows;

  • To scope the implement covers all workers such as employees, contractors of all departments, areas of operation throughout the supply chain of PTT and PTT Group
  • To comply relevant laws, organization regulations, international standards and commitments
  • To manage risk for preventing the loss of life, property, process and logistics from incidents as well as to enhance occupational health and working environment for promoting quality of life of employees, contractors and all stakeholder groups
  • To protect, prevent and mitigate environmental risks and environmental impacts
  • To communicate the implementation performance and effectiveness to all stakeholders for creating the understanding and awareness
  • To review, develop and continually improve QSHE Management
  • To assign responsibility for executives to be role models and all employees to acknowledge, understand and implement.
  • To deploy Long-Term and Annual Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Strategic Goals by stipulating long-term goals, annual targets, strategic plans, and action plans, as well as corporate KPI, evaluating management personnel, from senior executive vice president cascading down to vice presidents and managers.

    PTT has reviewed policy and QSHE Targets annually

PTT Group’s Quality, Security, Safety, Health, and Environment Policy
PTT Group’s Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environment Management Standards

Long-Term and Annual Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Strategic GoalsGRI 403-4

PTT established SSHE goals by analysing internal and external factors affecting business operations. Indicators that are representative of management capacity in alignment with the international standards/guidelines are established as corporate goals. The goals will be cascaded to each business unit and business line as deemed appropriate. SSHE goals comprise of 2030 goals and annual goals signed by President & CEO, both of which are included in the master plan for PTT sustainability management with clear strategies and action plans.

Annual Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Strategic Goal

Long-Term Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Strategic Goals

PTT Group’s SSHE Management Standards 

PTT stipulated “PTT Group’s SSHE Management Standards” to ensure management of SSHE follows the policy and targets. The Standards serve as a management framework that can be adapted to specific risk and different natures of business, communicated through the PTT Group Way of Conduct.

SSHE Management Standard has been reviewed and modified to ensure its up to date and consistent with Thailand’s laws, international standards, and other practices such as ISO Standard, GRI, WBCSD, and IPIECA as well as changing corporate context and risk factors. Furthermore, the standard has also been integrated with other management system within the organization to ensure communication to implementation in an effective manner.

In addition, all PTT main operational sites, Rayong Gas Separation Plant, Gas Transmission System, NGV Mother stations, PTT Head office, are certified according to ISO 45001, ISO14001 by Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) (MASCI). Otherwise, other standards such as ISO5001 Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR-DIW are implemented by considering the application in accordance with the stakeholders’ expectation and other context.

PTT Group’s SSHE Management Standards

Policy to Implementation in PTT Group and Business Units

To cascade policies, targets, and SSHE management measures to implementation across PTT, each business unit controls and translates them into actions in their business line, operation sites, and relevant departments according to the SSHE management system manual, as well as practices and steps stipulated. QSHE at the level of business line, such as natural gas separation line, natural gas distribution system line, PTT Innovation institute line, to name a few. There is also a QSHE unit overseeing various departments within the vicinity of PTT Headquarter, driving, promoting, advising, and monitoring performance, targets, and stipulated indicators. Reports are produced for management at the local level, business line level, and business unit level, to review effectiveness and efficiency per agenda set.

To enable transition to implementation within the PTT Group, PTT operates according to PTT Group Way of Conduct per the proportion of shares held. Flagship companies whose shares PTT hold by 100%, or is the majority shareholder, shall implement or apply SSHE policy, strategy, and management standards as appropriate. Notably, PTT emphasizes on having every subsidiary partaking in elevating management efforts, resulting in establishment of PTT Group QSHE Taskforce. This was to exchange knowledge, drive SSHE performance jointly within the PTT Group, such as promotion of safety culture, development of manual/standards of practices, SSHE-related pilot projects etc. Similarly, it made possible monitoring of performance progress, joint review of policies, targets, management standards, manuals, and work instruction in technical details, prior to delivering it to the governance committee, as per the governance structure. The aim was to review the effectiveness, efficiency, and seek further approval.

Performance Data Collection and Reporting

PTT established manual and guideline for environmental and safety data collection and reporting in accordance with the international standards and regulations by utilizing IT system as a tool to develop the database, ensuring systematic and standardized data collection, for the greatest benefits in comparative analysis among peers. Notably, PTT Group’s safety and environmental performance data collection and reporting system is internet-based. This means the system can be easily adjusted and includes a security system. It supports users from different operation sites in PTT Group, covering all business groups, domestic and international.



PTT stipulated SSHE management framework and governance guideline for the internal business lines and Group company. This is to ensure effective, efficient, and consistency of the operations in alignment with the PTT Group’s QSHE policy. The assessment approach is as follow: 

  • ISO and other standards certify by external verifier such as Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) (MASCI)
  • Legal compliance assurance.
  • Security and safety management compliance assessment.
  • Safety, occupational health, and environmental performance assurance.

Performance Efficiency and Effectiveness Review 

The review of efficiency and effectiveness against goals and indicators, measuring SSHE performance, is a part of PTT and the PTT Group’s sustainability management. The review is conducted quarterly by both the management committee and the Board of Directors, per the established sustainability governance structure. 

PTT’s Sustainability Governance Structure

Performance progress per security, occupational health, and environment management plan

Security, occupational health,
and environment management plan
2019 Performance2020 Performance2021 Performance
Establish and review the PTT Group’s QSHE policy at least annually Reviewed policy content Reviewed policy to ensure alignment per changing context and factors. Reviewed policy content to ensure alignment with the changing environment and was announced.
Establish long-term and annual QSHE targets

Established long-term and annual QSHE target

  • Reviewed long-term 2030 QSHE targets on safety, GHG emission reduction, and medium-term circular economy integration targets are included in PTT sustainability management master plan regarding social and environmental strategic management.
  • Established annual PTT and PTT Group’s QSHE target.
Established annual PTT and PTT Group’s QSHE target.
Stipulate corporate QSHE performance indicator
  • Established Corporate KPI on environmental performance, namely PTT Group Greenhouse Gas Target.
  • Business unit and operational line deployed QSHE targets as Functional KPI.
  • Established an environment indicator as a Corporate KPI, namely PTT Group Greenhouse Gas Target.
  • Business unit and operational line deployed QSHE targets as Functional KPI.
  • Established safety and environment indicators as a Corporate KPI, namely
    • Safety Management Effectiveness
    • Eco-efficiency
  • Business unit and operational line deployed QSHE targets as Functional KPI.
Develop and revise SSHE management standards Reviewed requirements in SSHE Management Standards. Reviewed requirements in SSHE Management Standards content. Revised PTT’s SSHE Management Standards and established a manual.
Cascade SSHE management to implementation organization-wide across PTT Deployed to implementation as relayed through annual targets and KPI in every department as planned. Deployed to implementation as relayed through annual targets and KPI in every department as planned. Deployed to implementation as relayed through annual targets and KPI in every department as planned.
Cascade and encourage SSHE management implementation in PTT Group Deployed the standard to implement within the PTT Groups Way of Conduct and upheld by every subsidiary in the Group.
Efficiency and Effectiveness Review Conducted efficiency and effectiveness review quarterly according to the governance structure.