Human Capital, Community, and Social Development


Human Capital, Community, and Social Development

PTT acknowledges the importance of developing human resource, society and community in all aspects. Hence, supports the Sustainable Development Goals number 4, 7, and 8 through the Human Resource, Community and Social Development Project (PEOPLE). Highlighting the focus on developing the quality of education, increasing education opportunities, promotion of clean energy accessibility and developing professional competency to enhance income for the community.

Operating to fulfil SDG Number 4: Creating Quality Educational Opportunities and Increasing Opportunities to Learn at Any Point in Life

The development of human resources is the fundamental factor in advancing the nation sustainably. Thus, PTT has supported nation’s youth in accessing quality education and the ability to self-discover. Translating into the development of fundamental frameworks, creating opportunities for education as well as enhancing competency and creativity. PTT collaborated with other organizations involving local authorities, public and private sectors and various networks through the following projects.

Enhancement and Development of Youths’ Education Quality tin Science and Technology

Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology and Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

To encourage the educational development for youth in science, technology, and innovation, PTT Group established Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), to produce human capital for research, promote the innovation research and development in responding to the needs of the country, and support job creation in the science field. The establishment of Kamneotvidya Science Academy (KVIS), has created educational opportunities, provided society with beneficial academic services, and fostered scientific and technological curiosity in youths at high school level.

Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology
In 2019, there were 10 students in graduate studies and 39 in PhD. Two classes of graduates have finished, totals to 19 graduates; with one class of PhD, totals to 2 graduates. Furthermore, Vidyasirimedhi Institute is committed to producing researches that would enable innovation for the greater good of society in many aspects, as follows

  • Advanced Functional Materials: Develop researches on advanced functional materials comprise of materials’ surface development, to test the effectiveness in reactions, reducing environmental impacts and product budget at an industrial-scale. This includes development of capsules and ingredients in the medicine or chemical reactants, aiming for reactions with greater effectiveness, for example.
  • Energy Science and Applied Technology: 
    Developmental researches on energy science and applied technology, such as development  of composites to serve as energy storage, development of catalysts to increase Bio-Oil’s quality, development of Zeoilite, a crucial catalyst in the distillation process within petroleum chemical industry, the design and development of ion-inducing substance , and development of molecular-level reactions for increased effectiveness.
  • Biological Inspired Engineering and Sustainable Technology: Develop researches to ensure sustainability in application of naturally sourced materials, such as designs of scrubber in wastewater treatment system of pig farms; using locally sourced and reasonably priced materials, such as coconut spathe and nylon net. This includes development of absorbents from paper waste, development niche catalysts for biodegradable polymers production according to application, development of catalysts changing carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals, fuel, and production – with contributions in mitigating climate change impacts.
  • Data Science and Engineering: Development of digital data management and application, through connections with different tools via Internet of Things. It would be applied for usage in various fields, from engineering, sport science, architecture, urban planning, public health, information management, education, and industries.
Notable researches comprises Energy Storage, using especially porous surface materials; C-ROS Project or Cash Return from Zero Waste and Segregation of Trash, an integrative system providing knowledge in Synthetic Biology; Anaerobic Digestion; and Process Engineering that quickly convert food waste to bio-fuel, valuable organic substance, and high quality bio-fertilizers. This project launched in 2019 with both private and public research funds, from Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI), KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited, Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited and PTT

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy 
PTT recognizes the importance in promoting and developing youths’ capacity, so that they can become leading researchers, makers and innovators of Thailand in the future. PTT thus founded Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, a high school-level academic institution, for students especially apt in mathematics and science. English is the primary language used for teaching, ensuring excellent quality education. The Academy aims to promote students for higher education in mathematics, science and technology at world-renown universities, up to PhD level and beyond. The Academy also collaborates academically and provide mathematics and scientific education to students, teachers, parents, academic personnel, as well as public and private sector, community, schools and the general public.

Presently, there are 213 high school students. A total of two classes have graduated, totals to 141 students. Students have secured 32 scholarship to study broad in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

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Expansion of PTT Group’s School Development 

PTT aims to continue propelling education development through its education model of STEM+E (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Ethics). The model ensures integration is in alignment, sets targets in youth development, prepare their capacity and readiness for the 21st century. The focus relies on innovation development per PTT Group’s expertise in science, entrepreneurship, energy and ethics, in PTT Group’s school networks; 96 schools in total.

PTT continues to enhance education quality, a response to the governmental policy. This was achieved through Pracharath School Projects. In 2019, PTT works with 82 schools in the network, from kindergarten, primary- to high school level. The emphasis is on development of knowledge and teaching capacity for teachers, in academic curriculum, leadership and ethics. The curriculum is divided per each school’s readiness, with appropriate analysis and categorization for application in each school.

Development of Sport Capacity 

PTT has worked on projects to encourage dreams and collaborations of those in Thai sports through 13 different associations and sport clubs in the country. The aim is to support youths and other vulnerable individuals in different areas across the country; providing them the opportunities to train and develop their sport competency. Youths will also have access to competitive venues of good standards, totals to over 40 competitions a year. Having such venue is an important foundation for Thai sportsmen’s development to reach national-level competition, before moving forward to international-level professional competition. Under the strategy of 3T, there are key performances as follows.

(T1): Training; in collaboration with Thailand’s Swimming Association, organized Survival Swimming Project providing trainings for over 3,360 youths. This ascertains they are able to save themselves if they ever drowned. This can help reduce loss of youths’ lives. PTT is also collaborates with Thailand’s Football Association under the Royal Patronage, to organize “AFC Grassroots by PTT” Football clinic with leading football player from Spain (EKKONO) for youths. Over 900 youths joined in the training to hone their football playing skills.

(T2): Tournament; organize competitive venues, such as PTT Tennis Championship for the 15th consecutive year. Over 950 youths from across the country joined in the competition. There was PTT ThaiBev Five 2019, and Futsal competition between Thailand, Oman, Guatemala, and Vietnam. The result was that Thailand Team secured the championship.

(T3): Thai Cheer; PTT organized the 2019 SEA-Game Cheer for Thailand; bringing 40 supporters to support cheering for Thai sportsmen at the 30th SEA-Game at Manila, the Philippines. There is a total of 6 matches, consists of basketball, boxing, football, volleyball, and lyrical gymnastics. The project helps boost morale and give encouragement to Thai players representing the country at an international competition.

Furthermore, PTT is committed in supporting underserved youths and those with disabilities, so they may have improved quality of life. PTT aspires to creates equality in society and encourage steps towards dreams. PTT’s notable associations and clubs comprise BBG Sport Association, Thailand’s Special Olympics Sport Association, Thailand’s Paralympics Committee, and Thai Basketball Wheelchair.

Sustainable Development Goals 7 Affordable and Clean Energy and Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth 

PTT focuses in promoting sustainable economic growth, by improving community’s quality of life per sufficiency philosophy. PTT promotes vocational skill development, effective and environmentally friendly production process. This was achieved in the form of social enterprises, used to strengthen community, enabling them to become sustainably self-sufficient. 

Inclusive Development for Community’s Energy 

PTT promotes clean energy at community-level through three approaches. All from collaboration between civil sector and relevant functions. Progress is as follows. 

  • Pig Farm Biogas
    Project expanded by one additional area in Payoobnai Sub-District, Rayong province. It was certified for Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER) for its original site at Kumkan Sub-district, Khon Khaen province. This totals to 4 project areas, with 794 household beneficiaries. The project creates income from sales of organic fertilizers, by-products from biogas production. Benefits also include the sales of carbon credits,  reduced energy expense by 7.17 million Baht per year, reduced greenhouse gas emission by 10,518 tonnes carbon dioxide per year.

  • Solar Cells System  
    PTT promotes the use of solar cells via three means, comprise sharing of knowledge and investments to community, bilaterally share knowledge and co-invest with community, or sharing only knowledge and let the community invests by itself. In 2019, PTT also chooses to further support T-VER Certification in one additional site, which is Mae Ta Sub-district, Chiangmai Province. This accumulates to 17 areas, with 500 household beneficiaries; a total electricity generation of 349,792 units per year. Overall expense reduction is 1,399,168 Baht per year, with overall greeehouse gas emission reduction at 199 tonne carbon dioxide per year. Furthermore, PTT also supports the use of alternative energy via Power For Sustainable Future Foundation, in collaboration with GPSC. The tripartite coalition installs solar cells electricity generation, with the maximum capacity at 17 kilowatts; as well as organizing knowledge sharing on alternative energy and solar-based electricity generation. The coalition also helps maintain solar-based electricity generation system for Doi Hang Short-Term Prison, Chiangrai province. This prison is under the Royal Patronage of Princess Bajrakitiyabha Naredira Debyavati. This set-up ensures effective energy and resource consumption. It serves to prepare prisoners for their vocational readiness, too. 

  • Hydraulic Ram Pump 
    Project expands in 8 areas. This totals the project sites to 30 areas. Total water distributed is at 678 cubic meters per day, or 247,356 cubic meters per year. This equals to as much as 2,523,033 Baht worth of municipal water expense per year. 

Social Enterprises 

PTT Group supports social enterprises through Sarnpalung Social Enterprise Company Limited. There are key performances, as follows. 

  • Café Amazon for Chance  
    expands employment to include those with hearing impair. They are hired as employees and barista in two additional branches. This totals to five Café Amazon for Chance. The most recent branch was opened at PTT Headquarter. On December 2019, there were barista training for those with hearing impaired both before work commences and during-work. PTT also supports learning opportunities fro those with learning disabilities and elders. A total of 18 positions were created (16 individuals with hearing disabilities and 2 with learning disabilities).This provides an additional income of approximately 7,000 Baht per month, or  1,512,000 Baht per year. Results of social return on investment (SROI) is at 10%.    

  • Community Coffee Sourcing; 
    beyond coffee bean purchase, there are also projects to promote plantation of Arabica coffee with shade-giving trees, water treatment and knowledge development on plantation and processing of coffee beans. There are farmers in Chiang rai, such as Ban Pang Khon farmers, Bang Pa Lun farmers in Mueng District, as well as farmers in Ban Huay Mak, Ban Huay Yuak Pa So, Ban Sam Soong, and Ban Ar To in Mae Salong District. The number totals to 160 households. As of 2019, as much as 134 tons of parchment coffee beans. This generated increased income of 15,000-30,000 Baht per household per year, or a total of 1,699,275 Baht per year. There is an increase of  6,500 shade-giving trees. SROI assessment resulted in 13.8%. Furthermore, area of project operation has expanded to promote Robusta Coffee at Ban Pong Luek farmers, Bang Glauy Farmer, Gang Grajan District, Petchburi province. PTT collaborates with Forest Industry Organization (FIO) for research and development projects on coffee plantation and production in areas of economic forests. The focus is on business and community management under the framework of social enterprises.  

  • PTT Group Lounge
    has the aim to lessen working force’s burden in taking care of elders; as well as reducing state welfare’s burden on the matter. The project promotes employment of elders. It launched projects at cycling parks in Charoensuk Mongkoljit Suvhannabhumi airport. Five elders have been employed; providing them an income of 13,000 Baht per person per month. This totals to 780,000 Baht per year. SROI assessment resulted in 15%
  • PTT Day Care
    opened childcare facility for PTT Group employees, thus creating job opportunities to stakeholders of Thailand’s State Railway Housewife Association. It commenced on the 2nd September 2019, and has the capacity to care for children from those below 1 years old to those at 4 years old. Currently, there are 26 children. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 40 children. There are currently 11 nannies. Among them, there are three individuals from the Association selected for training. They have an increase in income by 11,000 Baht per person per month, approximately. This totals to 253,000 Baht per year. SROI assessment results in 27%.

Further information on Sarnpalung Social Enterprise Compny Limited is available at   []

Relief for Natural Disaster Survivors   

PTT Group monitors natural disasters closely throughout the year in order to ensure readiness to provide assistance. It is part of PTT’s efforts to aid and remediate citizens around PTT Group’s business areas, and facilitating the governmental aid to citizens; ensuring that all can recover quickly after crisis. During previous years, assistance has been provided in cases of floods from Pa Buk Typhoon, floods in the eastern region and Ubol Radchathani; drought and cold, to name a few. PTT Group Seals have also fixed damaged households and distributed financial donation via government and numerous departments. Number of household beneficiaries is 32,000.